The Eating Habits

Eating is a huge part of our life. What, when and how one eats affects one’s condition a lot.

By trial and error, I figured, that for me to function well I have to stick to certain habits. As much as I like improvisation, for a sane balanced life, habits are essential. Period. 

Here is a list of eating habits that work for me. These simple eating rules help me stay healthy, happy and fit, and enjoy my meals!

Awesome Eating Habits:

  1. Get the right nutrition.
    It is very important to have a balanced diet. You might get your stomach full, but your body would still be missing the micro & macro elements it needs.  Make sure you eat wholesome food and minimize processed food. Otherwise, you might get hungry even before the calories are burned. 
  2. Listen to your hunger.
    Follow your body’s cravings. Listen to eat wisely. (!) Do not mix your body needs with your psychological or mental demands. If you want a chocolate, that is most likely your stress talking. But if you crave some salmon or avocado, probably your skin could use some help, staying shiny and pretty.
  3. Eat often, in a restricted time window.
    It is proven by multiple research and my personal trial and error, that it is beneficial to eat a few food more often, about every 3h.  Yet, it is also good to give your digestion system a break. Try limiting your food consumption on a daily basis to an 8-9 hours timeframe.
    For instance, eat only between 10 am and 7 pm.  When you make a break from food for 15-16 hours, not only your intestines get some rest but also the extra fat starts to burn!
  4. Eat slowly.
    Chew carefully, pause before bites. The Yogis say:
     drink your food and chew your water. If you chew longer and slower, you eat less, simultaneously getting better micro-elements absorption.
  5. Eat same sets of food.
    Most of the people with healthy eating habits eat the same range of foods on a regular basis. Define some several proper meals and snacks, that both appear delicious and nutritious, yet wonät bring empty calories. Once you got them right, just stick to the menu.
  6. No sugar. Long story short, No sugar.
  7. Shop thoughtfully.
    If I store 3 jars of Ben&Jerry’s ice-cream in my freezer, sooner or later (rather sooner) I will eat them all. I am no will power Queen (really I’m not!). So why fight with myself? Instead, I buy carrots, apples, and chicken.  If I want to eat, I will eat that. If I do not want that, I do not want to eat. Buy no junk food and you will eat no junk food.
  8. Drink water. Again, long story short, drink water, drink water a lot.
  9. Proper dinner at a proper time.
    Many dietary articles focus on the importance of the breakfast. Which is definitely wise, but for me eating dinner properly is more important. Properly does not equal a lot. A proper dinner is an art. If I eat too few or too early, I might end up waking up starving in the middle of the night. If it is too heavy and too late, it will be digested all night long and will stay on the butt/belly/cheeks.. (pick your favorite) Thus having a right dinner at a right time, is very important.
  10. Eat out wisely.
    If you go out, keep your eating habits in mind. There is almost always a healthy option. Although, sometimes if its McDonalds, it would sound something like ”ah…too bad I just had food..”;)
    and finally… When indulging – Enjoy! If you soooo feel like eating a huge piece of chocolate cake, just do it! But focus on the goddamn cake and enjoy every bite of it!


P.S. As a featured image for today we have an omelet with spinach and onions:)
..Bon appétit, mes chéries!



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