Chocolate Amaranth Pudding

Sugar-gluten-lactose free! Delicious and special meal.Especially awesome in a company of baked pears.

I got acquainted wit amaranth about a year back. Apparently, it is a very healthy crop, rich in protein. Full health benefits of amaranth you can read here.

Usually, I would just add it to my buckwheat meal, since it is a bit of a weird crop to eat on its own. Fortunately, now I learned how to make a pretty awesome amaranth dessert! 

Please welcome very elegant and as healthy as it can be chocolate pudding:


Chocolate Amaranth Pudding


½ cup of amaranth, 2 cups of plant milk (soy / almond / rice) milk, a pinch of salt, 1 tsp of honey / maple syrop, 40g of dark chocolate, some cinnamon & cardamom (according to taste);


  1. Rinse amaranth and place in a saucepan together with milk. Bring it to boil and let it simmer on a low heat for about 30-35 min, until 98% of milk evaporate
    (!) Careful milk forms a foam on top, which together with amaranth makes an impressive crusted dome :). Soy milk makes more serious foam than the rice one. Eventually, you can either carefully remove it or stir back in the pudding


  2. When most of the milk evaporates, switch off the stove, and mix in the chopped chocolate. In a hot amaranth, a good chocolate will melt perfectly. Feel free to add some traditional cinnamon and cardamom to the pudding, if you like spices as I do.


Right away or cool down in a fridge for at least 1 hour. For even better effect, serve with baked or poached pear.

Perfect happy meal for a winter weekend!
– original recipe can be found here –


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