Attitude. Create

If you want a meaningful life – create it.

Sunset, Helsinki, October evening

As you know,  I am quite into self-development and life-learning. Recently, I got some fresh insights, which I would like to list down for myself. The topics that I found interesting  were about self-productivity, setting the right goals, organizational trick etc.

However, first, I think it is important to address a broader issue:


The Attitude: Create

Finally, I learned and digested: there is no meaning of life that you can find. There is only meaning of life that you can create. Moreover, you can not “find” yourself either. You create yourself through the multiple actions you perform every day. The choices you make and the opportunities you take reform you and make you the person you are. So ask yourself who you want to be, and plan your days and weeks accordingly.

However, different locations, workplaces, income levels or life partners will not make any change to your inner condition. What matters more is with which attitude do you approach all your life’s segments.

If you feel like you’re lacking motivation,  general purpose, and life engagement, most likely, you are doing something wrong. Make a checklist if you are sticking to the following golden rules:

1. Give first, what you seek to receive

It’s as simple as that, it’s fair, and it works. You want kindness – be kind, you want help – offer help, you want attention – give attention. If you want to be loved, first learn how to love yourself.

2. Make an effort to be useful every day

At last, it becomes more and more apparent to people these days that happiness is not something you should pursue – instead, it is usefulness that you should develop. Anything works. Whether you are creating an electric car or helping your mom deal with a new application you are making a mark, improving someone’s life and thus add meaning to your own existence. Being useful is the least we can do for the world that gave us life, food, fun, and coffee…;)

3. Create more than you consume. Create consciously

We were rewarded with the magical power of human mind, that allows us above all to create things, to change the world, to affect people. It is a gift we should value and put to a good use.

As I have heard in one podcast (in Russian), the craftsmen in Bali, all believe that the artwork that they do is their way to worship their Gods. By creating something beautiful they are showing to the Gods their sincere gratitude. That is an amazing concept, and it is something we could all keep in mind.

Creating doesn’t only include art or music, we all create every day. From the moment we open our eyes, we create experiences in lives of others, we create conversations, partnerships, projects and memories. So what will your create tomorrow? Will it be worth the miracle of the human intellect we all have?

Try to keep this thought in mind when you start your day.
Just make those three meters around you a better place, and so will the whole world become, since, in the end…

…we are one…


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