If you have decided to start a new life on Monday, I have a great detox meal for you to use in your “new life” routine!


BW 2

Sometime back I ran into a great suggestion of soaking buckwheat during night in Kefir or Piima. Lately, I tried it out with the organic green version (which is by the way sold in our basic local S Markets, for something like 1,25 Euro only!). I really like the nutty taste it has and the feeling of eating something so extremely healthy!..

Buckwheat is a very beneficial item in itself: it is a gluten-free source of complex, slowly digested carbs. Moreover, it has quite some protein in store, 11-14g per 100g, and, most importantly, it is rich in iron and vitamins B, especially riboflavin (vitamin B2) and niacin (vitamin B3).

However, all the health improving effects can be taken even further, by combining it with Piima  or Kefir and, thus, eliminating the traditional boiling.

This dish, eaten in the morning on an empty stomach is claimed to improve your digestions system,  liver and pancreas functioning and can even help to lose weight! (unless you, of course, cover it with few chocolate bars 2 hours later)

TAKE: 1/3 cup of raw buckwheat, 1 full cup of Piima / Kefir

DO: rinse the buckwheat in the cold water, drain it and put in a small nice bowl with sufficient depth. Cover grains with Piima or Kefir, stir a little and leave in the fridge for good 5-7 hours, preferably closed with a lit or a plate, so that other smells from the kitchen or fridge won’t sneak inside. Eat happily in the morning, before your coffee or anything else.

If you want you can add salt or some spices while eating, but the highest detox effect is of course achieved when nothing extra is there! :)

If you stick with this light yet energetic breakfast for at least a week you will soon notice how grateful your body is! Moreover, now it is just about time to get some detox….  as one famous dramatic saying goes , slightly rephrased:
“…Summer is coming…”

*More information regarding the benefits of this detox treatment in Russian can be found here.


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