One of my all-time favorites, a very easy to make simple and extremely tasty dish. I learned it from my inspiring friend Aline, who,  although now is a complete vegetarian, back in the days knew how to put a good fish to a good use.




PASTA (1)I made it this time with the buckwheat pasta which I now favor a lot, but you can use anything you prefer.

For 2 portions:

TAKE: your favorite pasta (amount according to your hunger), marinated salmon or the so-called in Finland graavilohi (one pack or 250 g), one avocado, half of a lime, some butter, Parmesan or equivalent cheese, salt and pepper

DO: Cook the pasta Al Dente. Meanwhile cut the avocado in small flat pieces and salmon in stripes, sprinkle both the fish and the vegetable with the lime juice and some black pepper. Once pasta is done get rid of the water, and while it is still hot melt some butter in, add salt (if you haven’t salted the water) and pepper. Let it cool down a little and mix in avocado and salmon, stir gently. Serve with a plenty of grated Parmesan on top.

I just love it! Moreover, if you use some organic wholegrain pasta or even better the buckwheat one – you get a very healthy dish, rich in complex carbs, omega-3 and healthy fats from avocado and salmon, your skin and hair will be very grateful;)

– Enjoy! –


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