Sunday is the time to cook and improvise. With my latest passion to broccoli and coconut milk, I decided to make the following: green creamy soup, where broccoli and zucchini had successfully teamed up!


TAKE: 1 small broccoli, 1/2 of a zucchini, 1 small onion, 2 garlic cloves, 100 ml of coconut milk, 50 ml of normal milk or cream, some cumin seeds, salt, chilli powder or  black pepper.

DO: Cut the broccoli into pieces and boil. Meanwhile, heat some oil in the frying pan (I use the coconut oil, cause it has the healthy fat we all need), throw in some cumin seeds and let them roast for a short while.

Beforehand cut an onion and some zucchini in a rainbow shaped slices, squeeze or cut garlic in small pieces. Sauté all those fellows together with cumin seeds until soft. Feel free to add your favorite spices to the sauté – in my case: salt, turmeric and chilli, but basic salt and black pepper set should work fine as well.

Once vegetables are ready and broccoli became soft, blend it all together rigorously with an addition of both coconut and normal milk or cream. It is better to add milk from the fridge, so your blender won’t get too scandalized with the hot ingredients, once blended you can always cook the soup a bit more in a sauce pan. Serve with eggs for your protein and Vitamin D supply.

– Enjoy!-


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