Last Sunday there was the culmination of a lovely Russian holiday “Maslenitsa” which not only meant that we have cooked and happily eaten all sorts of pancakes during last week, but also that now the Great Lent has started.

head 2

Traditionally the Great Lent in Orthodox Church means restrictions in diet and absence of  alcohol consumption for 40 days. Generally speaking, following the lent is a great opportunity for annual self-examination, deeper connection with God and also cleaning and detoxing for the body and soul.

While following the strict lent diet can help your body get rid of toxins and few extra pounds, restricting your brain and soul from harmful activities can be even of a bigger value.

What if, in honors of the Great Lent, even if not belonging to any religion,  we would avoid complaining and criticizing for 40 following days?.. Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate from our mind “diets” poisoning items like judgment, grumbling and gossiping.  It is no doubt hard to do, yet let’s seriously give it a try, I believe if we even partly succeed – it will turn the following 1,5 half months into one of the best times in our lives!

Go and put a reminder on your iPhone or a colorful bracelet on your wrist, whatever you prefer, just find a way to remind yourself for several times a day that complaining, criticizing or judging will literally get you nowhere.

Thus, instead of indulging in those self-disruptive activities focus on those forces that work: love, create, share and support!..
Try and follow the lent for the soul&mind together or apart from the dietary one and it might be that by the 1st of May, when the Orthodox Easter is here, you will find out that not only your body got leaner but also your mind and soul have lost some extra wicked pounds that were limiting you from reaching your enormous potential;)

To end the post in a more easy-going manner, I can quite recommend you this improvised 3-flours pancakes recipe, cooked by me and Valeria  and successfully eaten  with salmon, avocado and crème fresh on the Forgiveness Sunday prior to the beginning of the Great Lent.

Blinis 2

TAKE: ~100ml of coconut milk, 80-120ml of almond milk, 2 eggs, 1/3 cup normal flour, 1/3 cup rye flour, 1/3 cup buckwheat flour, 1 tsp. baking powder, 1½ tsp. salt , 1 tbsp. sugar,  1 tbsp. of coconut oil;

DO: Whip the eggs first; mix together flours, baking powder, salt and sugar; mix the milks; eventually blend all ingredients in one bowl gradually adding flour and milks little by little, aiming to reach the perfect dough density (a bit more liquid than a liquid yogurt); don’t forget to mix-in a table spoon or even two of coconut oil. Fry small or medium size pancakes on butter or coconut oil, till crispy and brownish on both sides.*

** To avoid burning the butter, use the trick with half of potatoes on a fork to spread the thin layer of melted butter across the pan, or use a paper towel if you, like me, never have potatoes at home:)

*** If you want to enjoy some pancakes during the Lent – just replace eggs with bananas and you’re good to go:)

– Spring is here: Enjoy! –


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