One thing I would never quit eating is Cheese! I love all sorts of cheese, and, of course, a cheese soup!

This time, however, I made a Thailand inspired version of it, adding coconut milk. Other ingredients were chosen based on their high nutrition qualities and availability in my fridge! The soup turned out very nice. To get a similar portion of yellow happiness, follow the recipe bellow.

soup sm 1

200g of minced beef; 1 medium-sized onion, 1 carrot, a couple of garlic cloves, some sweet potato ~one 4rth of a large one (you can use white potato as well, yet sweet potato pieces look very cheerful with its orange color in a yellow soup), half of a broccoli branch, about 4-5 tbsps of soft spread-cheese, 3 tbsps of coconut milk or cream, dill / parsley, salt, pepper and some chilly if you dare.


  • First add some salt and pepper to the minced meat and make tiny meatballs, 1,5 cm in diameter;
  • Throw them into the boiling water, remember to take of the foam with a spoon once it’s formed;
  • Cut broccoli and sweet potato into bite-size pieces and add to the broth once meatballs have boiled for some time;
  • While those fellows are boiling, peel onion and carrot, grate carrot and cut onions in half-rainbows, squeeze or chop garlic. Sauté carrot onion and garlic, till they become soft and awesome. I use butter or coconut oil for frying, feel free to use olive oil if you prefer, yet I strongly recommend to avoid safflower or other vegetable oils in any case.
  • When broccoli, sweet potato and meatballs are ready (should happen naturally while you are dealing with other vegetables) add the coconut milk, and slowly, spoon by spoon add the spread cheese. Stir after every spoon. In hot water cheese will melt and give to the soup nice texture and taste :) Remember to put salt and pepper according to your preferences. I have also added some chilly powder and turmeric to the sauté – I believe a little chilly suits here really well.
  • After you mixed in the cheese and the coconut milk, load inside the soup the carrot-onion-garlic sauté and mix gently. Let it boil for 2 min or so, allowing cheese to spread nicely across the soup.
  • Serve with chopped dill or parsley on top!

– Perfect for a cozy winter lunch –

P.S. Do not be afraid of fat in coconut milk and cheese, in good amounts fat is needed in our body, and coconut milk is a very healthy thing in many ways!


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