Thailand. The Feeling

This time when I was planning my 37-days Thailand trip, I was pretty sure that by such a long stay I will definitely fulfill my “hunger” for this country for a while. Yet now, when I am about to leave, I already can’t wait to come back.

I might have not yet met my soulmate in terms of men (if this whole concept is even viable), yet seems like when it comes to countries, – Thailand is my true love :)… The whole December on Phuket was so wonderful, it made me feel extremely grateful, joyful and loaded with energy that I can’t wait to put into action!

Why Thailand? I can’t say…  might be that you come to Thailand and you won’t like it at all, or might be that I finally visit Indonesia or Shri-Lanka and fall in love with those countries as well.. But as for now, I simply love Thailand, with a genuine and warm feeling, as a love, I believe should be. For all it has, for hot moist climate, amazing spicy food, for fruits and vegetables available everywhere, all the time… Even more for always cheerful Thai people, who smile when you are passing by, smile openly, genuinely with no agenda in mind… and of course for the Sea… Sea is all together another story… Watching it – is one happiness, being part of it – is another.

Thai (4)Thai (1)

– Thailand in all scales –

Of course, no-one is perfect, and even Thailand has its drawbacks: garbage lying around, weird odors and smells, wires hanging in enormous bulks on the streets and don’t forget snakes (who I still haven’t met), tropical diseases and what not…  But as for now,  I had only a few tiny problems:


Firstly, Asians add syrup and sugar in each and every food or drink. So to be able to stick with my October Resolution I had to develop an extra habit of saying a magical spell “NO SUGAR” every time I make an order.

Secondly, most of the Thai people don’t really speak English in the way we know it, so complex and deep communication can be a problem.

Lastly, staying in Thailand way too long can be dangerous for your skin (sun is very strong) and your brain – it starts to melt :)

Yet, all together and in details, Thailand suits me so well. I feel very comfortable in its crazy pace, chaotic traffic, diversity of lifestyles combining hipsters’ café in Phuket town with street-food trolleys; shabby night markets neighboring with fancy department stores. Even Thai passion to crazy car tuning I find quite peculiar and nice to observe.

When one of the last days in Phuket I was walking down the road from Tesco Lotus towards the setting sun I felt so happy, so inspired, like I am actually in-love.
Thank you, Thailand for an amazing December, the time has come to return to my Helsinki, continue conquering the world and hopefully carry with me the warmth and happiness from the Kingdom of Thousand Smiles.

thai feature

– more pictures from Thailand on Flickr –

P.S. I just need to learn how to drive a bike, set a business to work on its own, and before you know it, Thailand, I will be back!!!




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