I have recently started reading a book with the most curious name and the most promising review: Whatcha gonna do with that Duck? The book itself is a compilation of different blog articles written by a marketing expert, public speaker and entrepreneur Seth Godin.

I am only 20% through the book, yet I already want to share with you my impressions. Book is very saturated with insights and provocative statements. I cannot read more than 2 pages without immediate rise of anxiety in my veins since the book really triggers action and thinking. It reveals new attitude to work that by now starts to become more and more popular in modern generation:

…It is not about working long hours anymore, it is about smart and brave work. Marketing is everything. We all are selling something, at least ourselves. We all are self-employed entrepreneurs, at least on some levels. There is no better time to start doing things than now (live alone yesterday or two years back) there are no good excuses to justify postponing or procrastinating. Time has come to get things done and make it happen….

…And so on and so forth. As you can see the book is very inspiring, even bothering to my restless mind. As I read it I feel like I swallowed a mixture of a coffee, Redbull and somewhat rocket fuel. I get excited and nervous – discovering what all I should do, what all I have been doing right and what all I need to do differently. After completing every new part I get a burning desire to contact the closest people and share asap what I’ve just learned!..:) But, as for now I want to emphasize two main bullet points I have figured so far (based on this book and other sources) which I believe help live a successful and pleasant life:



For any change in your life, you need to build the right habits. Your life is no more no less than a compilation of your habits.

Motivation is temporary, willpower is limited, inspiration is unstable – but habits are always there.

So just go and make it a habit:

  1. To eat healthy food
  2. To treat people with respect
  3. To love what you do and to do what you love. – Don’t mix those two btw (!)
  4. To wake up early
  5. To look awesome…

… Continue the list yourself according to your goals and priorities; the main point is that only when you turn an action into a habit – a continues repeatable part of your everyday life –  then and then only will it make the difference. When it is your habit to work hard and smart – you won’t need to search for motivation boost every single day to carry on with your work. It is part of your life attitude, it is the way you are.


By this dramatic statement, I mean – that the best you can do for your life is to loosen up your expectations, open your mind and let sudden opportunities enter your life. If life doesn’t unroll itself exactly how you had always imagined, do not panic, embrace the twists and turns of the road.

The thing is, if you are too fixed on what should have happened you might miss out on something even more wonderful that life is offering for you instead: even if your whole childhood you were dreaming to get married to a tall lawyer, have 2 kids and house with a back yard somewhere near Zurich – it may turn out that you are as happy living a simple ascetic life with an Asian yoga instructor in a bungalow next to pacific ocean. Likewise, if you always worked and studied to become a mechanical  engineer but on the way you have discovered your deep passion and talent towards gardening – don’t let your self-expectations block your way – go for it, do whatever makes sense right now! The key point – expect nothing, work hard, enjoy the process and let the miracles happen.


P.S. For some more inspiration on habits read the slightly boring but very wise book the 7-Habbits of Highly Effective People –

– For some more inspiration on miracles, just go and look around – they happen all the time in our everyday life ;)! –



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