Hong Kong

This year traveling to my dear Thailand, I have stopped for 3 days in Hong Kong. Even though it all seems like a dream now, it was a great decision to visit Hong Kong and I will definitely do it one day again, with more time and dedication :)

HK 1sm

The city is incredibly impressive in matters of food, architecture and pace of life. Most memorable to my eye were the local contrasts: peaceful parks with flamingo and blooming trees hiding between giant buildings of glass and concrete; tiny and shabby wardrobe-size hostel rooms and noisy markets combined with passing by Bentleys and Lamborghinis. This city has it all.

HK 2sm

In Hong Kong people work more than 70 hours per week, costs of living are high, the housing situation is worth than in London, yet all sorts of talented people keep coming here to work and live the vibrant Asian life. Rather often expat residents of Hong Kong claim they came here only for a couple of years, to work, get experience and move on. Yet, as the saying goes – there is nothing more permanent than temporary, – many immigrant end up settling down in Hong Kong for good.

To me, Hong Kong appeared almost like another planet and I believe if you manage to embrace this world, get used to the craziness and beauty of it – no other place on earth will be able to replace it in your heart. I really wish to come back here, there is so much more to see! We did not manage to visit yet the Lantau Island and haven’t tried the most amazing BBQ buns in mysterious restaurant at Hong Kong Central, – mainly due to the lack of patients for ubiquitous and never-ending Hong Kong queues.

Hopefully next time I reach Hong Kong I will have larger amounts of inner peace and mental balance and simply more time to see and try more miracles of this unique place. As for now it was a great “appetizer”, that made me remember why do I love traveling so much and how different lives people live!

– More images from the Amazing Hong Kong on Flickr

P.S. One more thing that I just have to mention is Green Tea Matcha Latte! – The drink you find everywhere in Asia but really hard to get properly done in Europe.


God… first time I got the red Starbucks cup with cheerful green liquid inside raised my endorphins’ levels as high as only 2-3h ours of cuddling could do;)

I like it so much, that at some point I was really concerned about getting overdosed. Only now, finally, on my 3rd week in Thailand I feel like I consumed enough Matcha latte and can survive in Europe till my next visit to the eastern hemisphere.

Green Tea Matcha Latte and Frappes – ultimate must-try in Asia!




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