One of my favorites – healthy and light dish, a bit time-consuming to make, but totally worth the effort! Unlike the traditional Russian cabbage rolls – these ones –  made out of Chinese cabbage turn out to be very tender and are easier to make.

Cabbage rollsCooking processПо-русски / In English:

TAKE: Chinese cabbage (8-10 leafs), chicken or turkey file (300 gr), 5 small champignons, 1 tomato, parsley, cottage cheese (2 tbsp), tomato paste (2 tbsp), garlic (2 pcs), salt, black pepper.

DO: cut the chicken file, tomato and mushrooms in tiny pieces and mix it in a large bowl with cottage cheese, some salt and some black pepper. Chinese cabbage leafs soak in a hot boiling water for 2-3 minutes. The tough root parts flatten by smashing or slicing the extra thickness away with a sharp knife.

Make the rolls by wrapping some of the meat stuffing in a leaf, starting at the wide edge. Take a baking from, spread some olive oil on the surface and locate all the rolls inside it.  In a separate bowl make a sauce by mixing together tomato paste, chopped parsley and squeezed garlic; add some water if sauce turns out too thick. Spread the sauce evenly on top of each roll (get rid of the extra water in the baking form beforehand by carefully tilting the form and pouring water out, while holding the rolls). Put the rolls into the oven, preliminary heated to 200 degrees, for about 40 minutes. Serve with sour cream / crème fresh / yogurt and some chopped parsley on top.-

– Enjoy the meal!-2 portions of the cabbage rolls


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