Here comes a breakfast meal, which I can praise forever. My precious most favorite oats with nuts, seeds and all! Super healthy and to my taste simply divine breakfast.

Oats 3

TAKE: Steel-cut oat flakes, cinnamon and honey, and all sorts of your favorite nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

DO: Cover a 4/5 of a cup of oats with about same amount of water or your favorite milk (liquid can be cold or lukewarm, but not boiling). Let them soak for at least 30 min, or leave them for the night in the fridge. When ready add all the fun stuff, and a drop of honey. Enjoy with your morning cup of hot tea!

*No internet or TV watching while eating you have to embrace every bite ;)

It is better to take large oat flakes, to prevent them from getting into a shapeless paste, for the same reason it is important to use a rather cold water. We want to make the oat flakes soft, but we do not want them to get all sticky and disgusting, neither we need an oat soup, so do not flood the oats too much!:). As toppings or fun stuff, you can use all types of seeds, nuts, or dry fruits that you prefer. I take every now and then everything from walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, to pumpkin, poppy, flax and sunflower seeds, try also adding coconut flakes, raisins or dried berries.
I do not recommend put everything you have in the oats at once, rather pick 3-4 your favorites, which preferably differ in size, texture and sweetness.
Flax seeds and raisins give more taste and nutrition if you soak them with oats in water, while all the nuts taste better if you add them just before eating.

I really like this meal, for its simplicity and beauty, for its taste and also for a wonderful feeling my stomach gets just after I had it. After my morning oats my body is extremely delighted :)

– Try it out, and let me know what you think! –


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