To pick my meal I often listen to my body, and today I really felt like eating some traditionally consumed by Russians seaweed, it just has to go with eggs and all the further ingredients I improvised. The whole affair resulted in a more than eatable salad full of fiber and protein.

salad 1TAKE: for 2 small portions: 1 can of tuna fillet in water, 1 can of seaweed salad, 3-4 large boiled eggs, 2 tomatoes, 1 paprika, lettuce, some cashew, flax and sesame seeds; for dressing: yogurt with a piece of garlic squeezed / grated inside.

DO: Cut and Mix. No mercy

I used for dressing a mix of low-fat yogurt and mysterious Finnish product viili, which is if trust the Google translate is a soured whole milk. It worked really well for dressing because it is not that liquid as yogurt and has this slightly edgy sourish taste. If you are brave than me you can just use traditional mayonnaise, or make one yourself.

I was pleasantly surprised that my improvisation succeed, with my tendency to improvise I used to end up with very weird meals in the past :)!


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