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To change your life from whatever it is now – to the life of your dreams it is not enough to just get your shit self together – you have to keep it together every single day!

As I have discovered for myself – if you want to have a happy fulfilling life – fast-fix approach will not work: it won’t help much if you just clean up your room, write a list of goals or dye your hair. You have to make sure every single day that you are moving in the right direction, that you are doing what you should be doing and thinking what you should be thinking. Only through a strictly followed routine life-change can happen.

You need to develop a fixed lifestyle, based on certain basic elements that will keep you going in a good pace to the right place, no matter what. Especially, for those days when you woke up in a crappy mood for no good reason and your shit is really falling apart.
Therefore, both for good and bad days, I discovered a set of actions that get me on track and keep going:

  1. APPRECIATE.Be grateful, send love and notice the good stuff. It really works. This world, you have to give it to it, has quite some good things in store. So notice and praise the good things about your partner, parents, friends or simply the world around. In other words, pay attention to the things you value and love, and their presence in your life will multiply. By the end of the day write down 3-5 good things that happened to you today. Even if the whole day was crap you can always find something nice to write about: like you had a tasty coffee or didn’t get robbed on the street.
  2. BE PATIENT and KIND. Both to others and to yourself. If you haven’t done all your to-do’s or ate a pack of ice-cream at one go forgive yourself and let it go. Instead of feeling guilty for the mistakes of the day forcefully find things in your actions to be proud of, and give yourself the credit. Even if you just did nothing good but reading this blog post today, I’d say you day didn’t go in vain ;)
  3. EXERCISE. Do sports. You need to stay healthy happy and possibly fit. So just do it.
  4. PLAN. Always plan your week and your day. Set 3 main goals per day, preferably no less, no more. If you set too much you will get overwhelmed and, eventually, end up achieving nothing. If you set too few – you will just end up achieving nothing.
  5. DREAM BIG. Anytime during the day, when your motivation goes down, remind yourself of your big dreams and goals, visualize them coming to life. It may not seem obvious or anyhow clear how your current situation will transform into your glorious future, yet if you want it bad enough and you keep working on it – you will get there, before you know it. And all the mistakes you did on your way, all the knowledge and experience you get now will be the stepping stones towards your future success. However, to help the Universe send you the right challenges and opportunities you need to remind it and yourself every now and then – where it is, exactly, that you are heading.

These are my 5 tricks to keep my shit together and live the life I want. Yet in these activities as in any other, consistency is crucial. Whatever change you want to make in your life, it is about acting on it every single day, or what I call a “today approach”. You just need to live the life you want today.

Take it easy at first, make changes little by little, but keep doing it every single day, and you will be surprised by the result. No pressure – you can always drop it all to hell, and get back to random chaotic existence.

Yet first, try it out, follow the described steps today and I am sure you will go to sleep in a great mood with pleasant feeling of satisfaction… Live it one day at a time, step by step, you just need to keep your shit together today, only today, whatever future beholds.  And when you wake up tomorrow – it is just another today, another day to live the life you want!  …

– Let’s make every day count! –


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