In the very end of June we had an adventurous trip to Tampere (the adventurous part was provided by our 25-years old Citroen, serving as a main transportation asset).

Tampere yardsTampere street

Tampere is not large and a rather typical Finnish city, but I declare that if you are visiting Finland you should drop by Tampere as well.
After all, Tampere is only 160 km away from Helsinki, in Russian scale it is like what, – trip to discount supermarket and back?.. And, of course, as a third most populated city in Finland – Tampere, naturally, has several places worth attending.

First if all, Mustalahti or Black-Water-Bay, is a beautiful district with indeed black water, and you do not want to know why, just admire industrial architecture. In this area, you can find old factories of Tampella and Finlayson, which are gorgeously rising above dark glaze of water, the whole view is simply epic!

Next comes the must-visit Pyynikki district, with cute detached houses spread along the hills, and impressive main tower. At the base of the tower, you will find a cafeteria, which serves coffee and …doughnuts! Here, no matter what, you have to forget your diet and buy, drink and eat a cup of hot coffee with the best doughnut on earth! (kahvi ja munkki in Finnish). It is really that good! Believe me, in Finland you can hardly see more than 5 people in the street at one go, and a queue and crowd around the cafeteria proves its value.

When you are done enjoying your munkki get up and climb on top of the tower, if you are no Spiderman, use the elevator for 2 euros only. From top of the tower, you can observe the city from every possible direction, and make a thorough decision – where to head next!..Tampere panorama

And If I was you I would go to one place I loved the most – Amuri Museum of Workers Housing. It is absolutely lovely. The staff is friendly and cute. Museum is very education and makes one understand history better and value the convenience of modern life. Most of all, I was impressed by a manual metal tool Fins used for frying coffee, they were big coffee fans even in 18th century:) Museum also has a great cafeteria with bakery, so if munkki has been successfully  digested you can stop by for some more deliciousness and more coffee, of course! ;)Tampere_amuri

– More about the museum in the Capture Design blog


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