This is quite often my delicious reward for a hard-working week. Perfect for Saturday breakfast, please welcome  – THE BEST SANDWICH EVER!

Sandwich small

I might change my mind in future, but as for now I am fairly certain this sandwich is simply the best :)

I make it with Finnish rye bread, but you can use any of your favorite, what is really important is to fry egg nicely, with hardly any oil used and leave the yolk partially uncooked, so it will spill all over the plate when you eat the sandwich:)

TAKE: 1 or 2 slices of your favorite bread, 1 egg, 1 avocado, 1 normal-size tomato, salt, pepper, some butter; add some coriander or basilica if you like things super-sophisticated.

DO: Toast the bread. Fry the egg. Roast or fry on a dry pan thin round slices of tomato. Smash avocado into the paste with salt and pepper. Add a modest but crucial layer of butter on the toasts, spread some generous amount of avocado paste, cover it with tomato  slices and put a gorgeous egg on top like a crown.
I sprinkle some additional salt and paper gently between the layers and on the egg, but that is my taste – just follow yours. Adding second piece of bread eases up the eating process, leave it single and you get a fresher less heavy version ;)

Once it is done – make the time stop and enjoy every bite!

-inspired by an original recipe from Beauty Pie



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