A Russian salad and a freshly baked Norwegian bread are a great combination for Sunday lunch! By luck and effort, I had them both today and while with Salad we have been together since I know myself, baking bread and especially Norwegian one is something I have just discovered – and it is awesome!..
Russian salad winter salad_cutRussian salad ingredients

Russian Salad or how we call it the Olivier Salad is a classical dish of Russian cuisine, a must have at all New Years Celebrations! Really a must have. There are some different versions of it, but I like the most the one with chicken, fresh cucumber and sour cream. It is easy to make just a bit time-consuming.

Boil carrot, potatoes and eggs in one pan (in skin and shell of course!). Boil chicken with some salt in the other. Cut everything in small square cubes, approximately 5 x 5 mm. NOTE! Peas you don’t need to cut! :) :P  Mix all in one bowl and dress with a combination of sour cream, mayonnaise and salt; add green stuff like parsley or dill if you wish. Salad should have a good amount of dressing just enough to cover every tiny piece but not let them swim in it.
Serve at New Year’s Party or whenever!.. Very delicious and feeling salad and on 1st of January some Russians find themselves nicely sleeping in it if party went well ;)

Baking bread is another story! I did it the first time ever, thanks to the recipe, advises and support fro the founder of My-Dear-Kitchen in Helsinki, Aslihan Oguz.

Dough mixed Bread raw Bread ready Bread sliced

The whole baking story was inspired by a piece of bread I tried in Vilnius, and fortunately by just looking at the photo of it, Aslihan could find the right recipe to replicate it. I followed all the instructions (which is quite a challenge for me in itself) and ended up with a marvelous piece of bread. I should say it feels amazing to eat a fresh bread you made yourself! And with salty Finnish butter it is so delicious I hardly could stop myself from eating the whole thing! Thank you Aslihan! Seems like breaking bad baking bread can be also addictive, I am afraid:)

Bake my own bread- done



  1. Russian salad! That has always been one of the major salads in our family table and my mother makes it so delicious! No, we are no Russian, but we have always loved this salad! :) Friendship of food cultures!

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