In the middle of July I decided to spend my last money and go and visit Lithuania. And for your information, there was not a single moment that I regret my decision! I really loved this place

Vilnius PanoramaLithuania (2)
Vilnius rental bikesVilnius is a relatively small but very cute and very friendly city! Old town is amazing; there are churches, cathedrals and palaces wherever you go. Prices are extremely mood-raising – at my first day in the city I got a huge good latte and a mozzarella bagel for 4 Euro total!Latte and BagelFor coffee geeks I recommend Sveiza Kava cafeteria, really nice interior, great coffee and delicious almond croissant, – what else do you need for happiness! For salad-lovers, a perfect lunch place is Mano Guru – if you are lucky to get a table you can have an amazing salad with healthy and fresh ingredients – all from avocado and roasted eggplant up to duck and raw beef! Careful you might spend good one hour trying to make a choice! On top of all Mano Guru offers all sorts of smoothies, coffee and fresh juices for 2 Euro only! That place is heaven for me!

After exploring Vilnius for 2 days straight I have decided that time had come to see some more of the country. I was advised to go to the other city Kaunas or to pay a visit to a medieval castle in Trakai, unable to pick one out of two I did both! And that was brilliant!Trakai castleTrakai is a small city with around 7,000 inhabitants, reachable from Vilnius by 30 min bus ride. It is actually the New Trakai, that was built in replacement of the Old Trakai, first residence of Grand Duke of LIthuania Gediminas , which has been ruined during a war.  Trakai has been one of the main centers of Great Duchy of Lithuania and is world famous for its beautiful nature and historical monuments. I came there on sunny Saturday morning and it was real pleasure to walk down to the castle, passing by cute wooden houses and charming old buildings. The Castle itself looks like it just emerged out of fairy tale and knights and princess asleep somewhere inside, waiting for new adventures to start.

After my walk through Trakai (foot trip to castle takes no longer than 25 min) I took off to see Kaunas. I should mention that wherever I went Lithuanian people were always friendly and happy to help me, a confused tourist; they would not only show the directions but also ask my opinion of their country and easily share their life stories with me.KaunasIn Kaunas I mainly walked around the old town, which is, although a little shabby, but is very vivid and colorful with people nicely chilling in multiple cafés. I saw several weddings, arriving to churches and taking must-have pictures in the medieval scenery. Trip to Kaunas ended up with visiting a big shopping center Akropolis, which surprised me by having almost everything one my want, from French bread and wine boutiques to organic food shops and clothes from popular European brands.

I really liked Lithuania and I hope to visit it again, one warm summer day, similar to the ones I had now!

-More photos from Lithuania on Flickr


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