A winning combination of fresh apples, sweet dough and sour black current – simple and great pie, just like my grandma used to make..!

Apple and Blackcurren tpie

Sometime back, heading to my friend’s place for dinner, I challenged myself to make a desert. But challenged no too much, since I just made a pie my grandma used to make when I was a kid, which means that ingredients are so simple you can even get them in Soviet Union (where nothing was ever available!)

TAKE:  or make :) basic crusty pie dough, like one described here; about 2 large apples; 2/3 cup of fresh or frozen black current berries, some sugar, cinnamon and some half a cup of cottage cheese.

DO:  Preheat oven for 180 Degrees. Roll the dough and fit it nicely in the baking form, (i used baking paper as well to avoid sticking-stucking disasters), remember to keep some for the decorative stripes on top(!). Mix cottage cheese with some sugar and spread a thin layer on top of the dough; mix berries with about 1 table spoon of sugar too and some cinnamon, if you like it, then put all this deliciousness on top of the cottage cheese and some on top of the apples eventually.
I do not peel apples, since I like it that way: it looks better, and apple skin contains more fiber, which is good for health. But I recommend to slice them in rather narrow pieces and locate beautifully like flower leaves (here I clearly failed). Fix everything with cress-cross dough stripes and bake for around 45 min!
Decorate with sugar powder if willing:)

– Better cook and eat on gloomy October morning –


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