– HELSINKI – a city to learn

When I first came to Helsinki to start my MA degree I knew literally nothing about the place. Now I have learned a lot both about the city and about life, business and myself. If you want to learn and improve – come stay in Helsinki! Helsinki HarborLife is very sorted and calm in Helsinki, everything falls into place, everything works, there are few people and few cars but multiple forests and never-ending bicycle and running routes. Helsinki makes me feel like I am living inside a computer game. Therefore, it is a perfect city to learn. Education in Finland is free, and is matching the highest standards, alongside with constant innovation and development of new methodologies and practices. But what is even more important is that city is encouraging you to study, learn and develop. In some crazy capital city like Moscow or Seoul you would hardly have a spare minute or an idle mind. If you are not making money to survive then you are immediately invited to numerous parties, events, new restaurant and, naturally, just have no time to learn! If you are living in a more chilled out place like Barcelona or Rome, lovely weather, delicious food and cheap wine will do their best to keep you too occupied for any studies.

But in Helsinki it is all arranged. Nights a long, wind is strong, alcohol is expensive and if you haven’t learned something new today or not polishing your professional skills – you are bored to death. Yet jokes aside, facilities and conditions for learning, interacting and networking in Helsinki are awesome: take alone Aalto University’s Learning Hubs, Design Factory and huge entrepreneurial conference Slush – all that and more will teach you a lot, as long you are able to get there in your winter coat and rain boots! Helsinki  Kaisaniemi Helsinki_08 (4) Apart from all the particular events and opportunities life in Helsinki, in general, have taught me a lot, if make a whole list it would take a while, but just for instance:

  • How important are sports
  • How to mind what I eat
  • How to be efficient
  • How to prioritize
  • How to save money
  • How to keep your mind open
  • How to be sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • How to drive manual
  • How to keep your shit self together!..;)

Come in Helsinki and see what all you can discover outside and inside yourself in this tough northern city or, – if it sounds like too much,  just come to have a plate of salmon soup!:)

– More photos from the Capital of Finland on Flickr


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