It is so simple and yet how many of us have actually understood that? Goal is not to find The Meaning of Life – the goal is to CREATE it!

Today my morning started with watching a video sent over to me by a good friend, where famous astrophysicist, cosmologist and absolutely lovely individual Neil deGrasse Tyson answers to a 6-year-old what is the meaning of life:

It is just so true, indeed – enough dwelling on the past, comparing your life with others, moaning over bad weather or lack of money! Go learn something new, meet someone wonderful, connect with this world, go and create your meaning!
The advantage of our being is that we, as part of whole creation, we are creators too – and that is how it is designed to be!
You create something every single moment weather you are aware of it or not. You can and you should choose what to create – a positive energy or another complain, a valuable work or empty traffic for social media, a smile on someone’s face or troubles and fights.
Take control of your creations, everyone of them from the life-lasting to the most tiniest things and your life will be absolutely terrific!


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