I have been to Thailand already 4 times! Starting with exuberant Pataya in 2011-2012 and followed by peaceful Koh Chang and Phuket in 2013, 2014. All those trips were wonderful in their own way, and I am impatiently waiting to pay the Country of Thousand Smiles my 5th visit, – I am pretty sure I will produce extra thousand smiles there just on my own:)

Thai  (7)Pattaya and Koh Lan   

 With countries I believe it is like with people or profession, there is no perfect one for you, but there is those that almost are, that make you feel connected, belonging and happy. That is all Thailand to me.

Thai  (3)Inside lovely Green Park Hotel, PattayaThai  (6)Streets of Pattaya in the evening

It is far from ideal world, and I would think ten times before settling down there even for couple of years, but it is an amazing place. The moment you step out of airplane you find yourself in a huge, humid blooming sauna surrounded by friendly happy people, busy living their lives. Thailand is a mess, there is garbage, wires hanging in huge balks, homeless animals, lizards, snakes, sex tourism and all what not, but surprisingly enough I feel secure there, I feel free and relaxed, – all the tension disappears instantaneously with the first inhale of tropical air. And the food…  the food… That is a story in itself – I love Thai food, Tom Kha, Tom Yum, Pad Thai.. add all the fruits, coconut and mango shakes – and you end up in heaven of taste and nutrition!

I can talk about Thailand forever, so every now and then I will come back to the topic, revising old photo or attempting to replicate authentic Thai recipe. If lucky enough in November I will be able to find myself in Thailand again and gather even more flavors, spectacular views and most crucially, positive energy from this incredible place!

The Million Years Stone Park, PattayaThe Million Years Stone Park, PattayaNong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, PattayaNong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya

– More photo from the Country of Thousand smiles on Flickr


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