I just love it! Whenever I feel gloomy or need some help to withstand harsh Finnish weather – it is an ultimate saver! …And it tastes super awesome!

CHAI_photo_smallMasala Chai is traditionally a black tea with milk, ginger and spices. It is incredible boost for your immune system, milk helps absorb the spices and bring in calcium, while spices and ginger increase your metabolism, raise your mood and make any cold run away!
Each family in India will have their own way of making the Chai. Here is my favorite version.

TAKE: basic flavorless black tea: leaves or teabags are both fine, fresh ginger (about half-a-finger size for a cup), cinnamon powder, turmeric powder, and 2-4 cardamom seeds (before adding to the tea seeds have to be cracked in half, to release flavor).

DO: Put 2/3 of fresh water in the sauce pan and 1/3 of milk, together with black tea of your choice and preliminary grated ginger (grating is the best way to get the juice and all the benefits from ginger, although at time I also use the garlic squeezer), do not forget all the precious spices and let it heat and boil for a period of 1-2 min, so that milk soaks all the flavor and tea leaves give their taste and color to the drink. Be careful since the milk has a secret desire of escaping the pan, so you better watch it:)
Strain the tea in your cup, unless you want to actually eat the spicies, put some sugar or honey according to your taste. Some people think adding sugar opens up the flavour even more, but you know us, girls,  – we’d rather have more subbtle flavor than unnecessary calories;)

Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric mix accelerates metabolism, improves digestion, allows higher concentration, decreases sugar level and inflammation and last but not least, simple cheers you up! Cook it with love, enjoy and do it all over again, introduce Masala Chai to your immune system and it will be eternally grateful!


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