LIVE and LEARN. Marketing, Finance, Investment

I generally want to learn an exuberant list of things. From HTML 5 to theory of dressage, let alone cooking and languages…

But as for now, I have decided that instead of acquiring a new skill, like web development or illustration, for instance, I’d better learn how to make money and how to do efficient marketing and sales. Because, whatever is that you are doing, websites or watercolor paintings, – first and foremost you need to learn how to sell it in this big hectic world. Even more crucial would be to learn how to make money make money– which means investing and investing wisely.

Therefore, while my watercolors are still getting dusted on the shelve I will list here a range of resources where one can learn about disciplines mentioned above:

Do it, Marketing – I read a summery of this book, and seems like it makes shit lots of sense!

Khanacademy -Very good resource in general, free and with extremely detailed explanation, even too detailed at times.

CourseEra – a set of online course, more advanced learning, you can just study for free, or pay extra and get certificate to show around:)

Investopedia – a good place to start if you know nothing, like I do
Real Estate Investments – an article about how to evaluate real estate properly

If you know some good articles / resources / books – please let me know! Let’s all get super-smart:)


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