In our trip with my Dad to Istanbul in February, 2011, for the first time, finally,
I took an SLR Camera for traveling.

Istanbul post (1)

The camera wasn’t mine – I borrowed it from infinitely kind Ira Smirnova, my Dad’s wife, and that is how I realized I should have one of my owns, since I truly enjoy making traveling photography.. I love it, because it keeps the memory of the place, of all the smells, tastes, sounds, emotions …

Istanbul post (5)

Istanbul post (2)

These days, of course, Iphone can take equally good or even better photos, yet there is an additional value in the process of caring camera with you, as a separate tool to look at the world. It makes you perceive the trip differently, and later in the dark lonely winter evenings you can always go through those precious moments sipping hot tea and listening to nostalgic music… at least that is what I do:)

Whenever you can – DO go to Istanbul! It is a city of ancient buildings and delicious food!!! Truly wonderful!!! Fresh juices, baklava and unforgettable fish with bread and onion at the fish market! Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are definetly a must-visit.

One day we should do it all over again!!

Istanbul post (3)

Istanbul post (4)– More photos from the capital of Turkey on FLickr


2 thoughts on “– ISTANBUL –

  1. I am glad that you liked Istanbul. I looked at your Istanbul pictures on flickr and I think they are great. It seems that you caught what’s really going on the street. This is a nice blog to follow!


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