Two things have been always very close to my heart: drawing and horse riding… They seem to open the gates into some magical worlds for me. Every now and then I keep asking myself – should I have taken one of these passions as a profession instead…

IMG_20130817_173125Sketch and Photo_smallOld sketch and sweet memories

I kept thinking if I should switch from my career of a designer to a path of an artist or a groom due to the fact that it is continuously said, that we should follow our heart when choosing a profession. But what people often forget, that just following your heart  will not get you anywhere. Even more, it is not enough to “give it a try” to see if your heart was right. Truth is, and I have just started to accept it, whatever profession you choose – you have to work really hard to succeed and rip the benefits of working on something you love.

Weather it is horse riding or illustration that I chose to do, I have to put a lot of energy in it, I have to improve my skills, develop network and expand my knowledge in order to achieve anything valuable. It is hard work on daily basis and critical thinking, it is your discipline – that can get you somewhere, not your passion. However, passion, undoubtedly, should be included in your choice of profession, because it will keep you going through emerging obstacles and after inevitable failures. If you do what you love, you still HAVE to work really hard on it, but in this case odds are much higher that you will not quit, when difficulties arise.
Basically, weather I would prefer to be a successful Interior Design, Illustrator or Stable owner – I have to put similarly huge amount of time and effort to make it happen, question is only in which case would I enjoy the process the most:)!

– Your discipline is the vehicle, your passion is the fuel –
make sure to enjoy the ride!

lauraChristmas post card with Laura the Horse



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